Ambitious Person Who Does Not Know “IMPOSSIBLE”

Information about the client:

Name of client: Rehma Moqbil Fare’a Ghanem

Marital status: married

Activity: commission

Amount of loan

Total loan given: 800,000 riyals

Number of loans given: seven

Exchange in US$ 3720


This client has a motto that she is ambitious and does not know “impossible”. Mrs. Rehma is married and she has four children and lives since eleven years in a rented house. She has a good reputation and she is faithful and sincere and so she had earned a good faith among others. Though our Foundation give loans to those who own a house but she was a special case an exemption for which the Foundation has pride in giving her loan.

This women began with hard effort but she was sure that there is no impossibility and so she took her fist loan of twenty thousand riyals and she began to sell children clothes and some perfume and rapidly her business developed and she began to sell some electrical tools and from the profits she began to continue to support her family and her children obtained successful results and got certificates. She did not stop at this stage but she continued and took bigger loan from the Foundation of two hundred thousand riyals and she began to sell electrical and electronics and this increased her standard of living and was able to buy some ornaments and now she is able to buy a house for her family. The Aden Foundation for smaller funding wishes her success and also to all of their clients.