Projects and Activities

  1. Completion of projects and programs of the Foundation that correspond with the goals and laws for betterment of those targeted groups of limited income in those areas
  2. Providing financial support to establish groups that brings income to the society and targeted groups
  3. Search for sources of funding to support the activities of the Foundation;
  4. Loaning from suitable sources of funding that are legal to provide the support to our activities
  5. Better investment of funds of the Foundation to realize revenue to realize the goals and continuity

Some of Projects and Activities the AMF funds them are:

  1. Dignified life: Activity and is moving towards food security and includes all food projects such as bakeries and poultry farms and beekeeping and restaurants of all kinds and livestock and canning cheese, dates and publican.
  2. Investment: includes various investment projects that generate interest and benefit to the owner of the project and reliable.
  3. Restoration of residence: is a Project and is directed to individuals to finance the needs of the construction or restoration of the house.
  4. Consumer: is a project-oriented individuals and groups to buy durable goods required for the establishment of a specific project or home furnishing.
  5. Investment /Food: is an activity directed to the groups so that the part of the members of the group concentrated their activity in the investment side and the other part of the group's members concentrated their activity in the food side, any buy food and productivity and work on them.
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