Important Announcement

20 January 2019

Aden Microfinance and Development Foundation Announces its need for an external auditor to review its accounts for 2018, the final date for submission of interst is: 31/ Jan/ 2019 according to the following terms of reference:

  1. Study and evaluate the actions of the financial system in an institution and submit proposals to develop it.
  2. Ensure all matching items in the auditing balance at 12/31/2018
  3. Review all work for the year 2018
  4. Full disclosure of all the terms of the financial position as at 12.31.2018
  5. Auditing loans account of the Social Fund for Development and look at the conventions
  6. Issuing a final financial report on 12.31.2018 consisting of six copies out of (three copies in Arabic and three English-language versions) model according to Seep.
  7. The management of the corporation shall have the right to review the work plan and all working papers and to verify the validity, integrity and follow-up of the audit process.
  8. The report is fairly reflects the financial position of the institution
  9. Delivery of the final report of the review process and book notes in Arabic and English during a period not exceeding two weeks for the book notes and three weeks for the final report after completion of the work.
  10. View price is Yemeni Riyals under any circumstances and the agreement will pay fees by check.

Please send your Price offer to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Or contact us on phone: 02-356079

The last day of receipt of applications 31 January 2019