Social Performance 2007- 2012

Concentration on women

Women in Yemen have a major role in growth and development and that the percentage of women in Yemen is 56% that is about 25 million women.

The principle task of the Foundation is to able the women of Yemen economically by providing them funds for their new and existing projects so that they generate enough income for their families and they enter the world of employment and become successful working class.

In addition to that the Foundation has arranged vocational courses for women in different fields so that the women are able to administer projects and market their products scientifically and suitably.


  • Males: 109,574,869 riyals
  • Females: 1725,635,765 riyals



  • Males: 767
  • Females: 8,650


Supporting Youth Projects

The youth are basic foundation in all countries. They are the present and future and so much is depended upon them for economical growth.

In the Aden Foundation for smaller funding has special concentration on the youth and has accounted for them and has called “Ambitious Group”   and this is granted to those youngsters who wish to enter the world of work and production. Since 2011 with the support from USAID this productivity has realized great success and that the active loans to this group has been 265 for the amount of 55,469,000 riyals that is 60% of total active loans out of individual loans of 72% of the total active loans.

Value wise: Active Loans


Number of active loans


Countryside Supporting

The operation of smaller funding in Yemen has been a challenge for it is one of the poorest countries of the world and the population growth rate is 2.3% and it is getting doubled every 19 years and it is expected that it would reach 39 million in 2026 that is about 74% of the population is living in country side and mountains distributed widely and so it become difficult to provide them with facilities and services for basic social services and smaller funding.

For this reason the Foundation has made out plans for investments in country sides and many projects are devised for them and that includes the farming and animal breeding and the following chart shows the part the country side received during the past six years:

Number of loans granted:


Value wise loan distribution: