Sanabil Rewar in the year 2009

Obtaining SANABIL REWARD by the employees of smaller funding in the year 2009 by the SANABIL NETWORK – reward for best manager of the branch

Miss Nagwa Fadhle, manager of the branch of Dar Sa’ad has obtained best manager of the branch Sanabil Reward in the Arabian Countries and this was conferred by the Sanabil Network in a celebration arranged in Beirut in 2009.

It is to inform that Miss Nagwa Fadhle is the branch manager of Dar Sa’ad who has obtained this reward in Yemen and this reward was given for her strong commitment to the laws and regulations of the Foundation and her ability of leadership and administration and her branch has the most number of clients and maximum number of active loaners.

Miss Nagwa Fadhle at present is on the post of Executive manager of the Foundation.