Best Performer Reward in the year 2013

We have been awarded the prize of Best Performer in Year 2013

Name of the reward: Best performer in the year 2013

The Organization that has granted this reward: Yemen Network for smaller funding

Field of Reward:

  • Maximum number of active loaners during the year
  • Maximum ratio of women loaners
  • Maximum ratio of self dependence financially
  • Minimum ratio of risk factor
  • Maximum amount of loan granted during the year
  • Maximum number of persons taking loan during the year
  • Maximum mean of number of loaners per officer

Description of the reward:

This is an annual reward granted by the Yemen Network of smaller funding for the best performer given to bankers or Foundations or programmers for smaller funding in Yemen who have realized best results with high standards and it is conferred to the best performer in a program arranged by the Yemen Network for smaller funding organization in a lunch party.

It is to inform that this competition was created in 2011 and with all faith and carefulness the Foundation has won rewards in year 2013.