Values and Principles

Competition of other programs in the same profession

  • There are other programs in this field competing with the same goals and similar aims
  • Through good quality of services rendered by our Foundation we may have better services than others
  • We must have co-operation policy with other programs
  • We must not compare our Foundation with others

Transparency and secrecy

  • We must be transparent to others as for general information and laws and regulations
  • We must keep our internal data secret and protect them
  • We must keep secrecy of our clients and our budgets and problems
  • Our regulations and our policies and conditions of loans all of those should be clearly advertised among people

Independency and partnership

  • The Foundation has strong ties with its partners in realizing its goals and with all those who keep our independency of our job
  • Our doors are always open to all our partners


  • Our Foundation has an elastic policy and anyone can contact our main office any time.
  • This is possible due to a respectful environment between its staff and people
  • There has been always encouragement for suggestions but there is no place for criticism and personal envy
  • The loaning officer can give his suggestions and views with complete satisfaction and he is not allowed to criticize or create personal envies but all problems are solved in good spirit

Co-operation and seriousness with clients

  • Our main goal is to support our clients in their activities with an intention of development and so we are serious and eager to support

Creativity and respecting regulations

  • Our cadre of the Foundation know when they are free to suggest creativity and when they should respect the laws and regulations
  • We completely respect others and our laws but our regulations are not strict but we always encourage the efforts and suggestions for better performance and success in this field.