Chief of Trustees Word

The Aden Foundation for smaller funding is an independent Foundation financially and administratively and it is subjected to the associations and Foundation law No. 1 of the year 2001 and this Foundation was established in Aden based on the resolution issued by the Ministry of social security resolution no 22 in the year 2005 and it was the result of merging of three separate funding programs in the city of Aden which was provided by the social funding for growth and they are:

  1. Saving and loaning program – Ma'alla
  2. Income generating growth program activities – Dar Sa’ad – Bureka
  3. Saving and loaning program – Sheikh Othman – Lahej

The Foundation does its activities in the field of savings and loaning services to aimed groups of people.

The Aden Foundation is nonprofit organization. It does not aim at making profit and nothing is distributed among its members of any kind but its services are counted according to the services rendered and the Foundation tries to ensure its continuity and widen its services and keeps it independent.

Target Groups:
The Foundation aims those small activities and those who own smaller projects and wish to open new projects, and enjoy:

  1. A good reputation
  2. Commitment of payments on time
  3. Serious and honest

Our Vision:
As a smaller funding Foundation it has an aim to decrease poverty and realize growth for those who have limited income. It has started in a new role in the year 2007

Our Mission:
We as a Foundation for smaller funding aim at betterment of standard of living for those having limited income especially women by providing them with funds and materials in the urban and country side of Yemen.


  • Widening financial services and non financial ones which are new and suitable
  • Widening and spreading to reach greater number of people benefiting from it
  • Continuity and guaranteeing various resources
  • Participating in development of smaller scale industries in Yemen
  • Creating awareness between people to pay back to Foundation to decrease risks to minimum limits